Justifying My Existence


The Days Before (featured in Lantern Lit, Vol. 2; Dog On A Chain Press, 2014)

lanternlit cover

Love Poem for the Everyday (Dog On A Chain Press, 2011)

What I’d Hoped To Say Before Falling Out of Love (2010)


neatly folded on the bank. (Pontoon)

Two Poems (Cooper Street)

Four Poems (Burlesque Press)

“Tacoma in Photographs” [Audio] (Laureate Listening Project)

“Trash Day” (Creative Colloquy)

“Commandments” (Hobo Camp Review)

“The Community Garden” (Creative Colloquy)

Two Collages (22 Magazine)

“Convoy” (Collage) (Dog On A Chain Press Blog)

“Felidae” (Apiary)

Three Collages (Unshod Quills)

“Little Orange Found Dead” (Bohemia Journal)

Two Poems (Blast Furnace)

Letter to the Editor (New York Times Sports)

Letter to the Editor (New York Times Books)

Four Poems (The Four Quarters Magazine)

Four Poems (Tower Journal)

“The End” (Clutching At Straws)

Three Poems (Scythe)

Three Poems (Maverick)

Eight Collages (Unlikely 2.0)

“Cook, Book” (Collage) (Tattoo Highway)

“The Hitler Oak” (New Verse News)

Two Poems (BlazeVox)

“Oh, Haven’t You Heard?” (Rockheals)

“Home Run” (Slow Trains)


“Mulberries” (Blue Earth Review)

“Geography” (Creative Colloquy, Volume One)

Christmas Triptych (Found Patrick)

Eight Collages (Apiary 6)

“Why We Love Fiction” (Essay) and Five Poems (Slush)

“Walt Sublets the Attic Bedroom” (Apiary)

excerpts from What I’d Hoped to Say Before Falling Out of Love (w/ Stephen Mooney) (Sand)

“Part-Time Job” (Side Stream)

“letter” (Sand)

“on joining the navy” (The Mom Egg)

Two Poems (city lighthouse: a tall-lighthouse anthology)

“Gem City” (Southern Indiana Review)

“The Jealous Typewriter” (newleaf)

“Bartendress from Mobile” (Make)

“sitting in the café of our heroes” (milk)


“Love Poem for the Everyday” (Another Lost Shark / Guided By Poets)

“Blow On” (Problem Child)

“San Jose Just Like Home” (SoMA)

“saturday” (Nexus)


Blotterature Interview

Blotterature Lantern Lit, Vol. 2 Review

Hobo Camp Lantern Lit, Vol.2 Review

Philly Love Notes

Apiary Magazine Louder Than a Bomb – Camden Article

Apiary Magazine Philly’s Favorite Poems

Apiary Magazine Interview

Rutgers University Poets in the Schools Project

Rutgers University: “Living Abroad…”

NPR Berlin: Poetry Hearings Article

Exberliner Interview


Gangway #39



2 thoughts on “Justifying My Existence

  1. carlpapapalmer December 30, 2015 / 9:09 am

    You’re the only OTHER person I know published in SIDE STREAM MAGAZINE (New Zealand)
    “Poetry from the Fringe) I was in #9 (2007) and #19 (2009)

    • mikehaef February 10, 2016 / 9:49 pm

      In 2009, I was distributing Side Streams in Berlin. Small world, no?

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